EDEN Part One: Introduction, End Credits Tour Feat. Talos

Ever since the Paramore concert, myself and Christopher have continued to keep in contact. Our number one topic of conversation always revolves around music, and because of this we often discover new artists through each other. One of the best discoveries of this nature I credit to Christopher, when he shared with me an artist he had come across on YouTube by the name of The Eden Project. We were both hooked pretty quickly and began to eagerly follow the artist’s progression. The Eden Project’s early music had a strong electronic edge to it, although the songs of his which gained the most recognition tended to be when he deviated away from this slightly to more vocal-heavy emotional songs. From covers and remixes to feats of his own songwriting masterclass, The Eden Project had an impressive range of music available, releasing dozens of songs in this era, for the most part recorded and produced from his own bedroom nonetheless.

Towards the latter stages of his development as an artist, The Eden Project began to further refine his sound into more of the vocal heavy indie-pop kind of feel and thus he headed into a new chapter. Re-branding as ‘EDEN’ and emerging with more confidence and strength behind his music than ever before, he launched his own record label by the name of ‘MCMXCV’, and with it his debut EP “End Credits”. Safe to say, both me and Christopher continued to be in awe of every aspect of his music and were dead set on the ambition to see him live should he begin touring. We weren’t kept in suspense for too long, with EDEN soon to announce that he would be going on a tour in which he would play in Dublin, London, and a few states in America. At this stage he already had a fiercely loyal fanbase and the tickets were fast to sell out, not before me and Christopher nabbed a pair for ourselves of course.

Set to see him play in The Academy, Dublin, in the Green Room (Smaller part of the venue) on March 22nd, 2016, our excitement was beyond measurable. Never mind huge concerts like Paramore and The Script which preceded it, this felt extra special as we regarded EDEN to be our #1 artist, irregardless of his music not being exposed to as many people as we feel he deserves. If anything, it made the ability to see him live even more intimate and there was the added bonus of it not being slapped with a superstar level pricetag. Eventually, after what felt like an age of a wait, the date for the gig rolled around and I made the ever lengthy trip to Dublin. Upon arrival, I rendezvoused with Christoper at the Spire and we found the Academy not too far away after some amount of searching.

Unfortunately, prior to this gig I had not been able to economize my money properly and thus I was pretty tight on the wallet on the day, to the point I wondered if I could even afford some food. Thus when I entered the venue and saw a table packed with various items of Merchandise, I was practically heartbroken that I could not acquire any of it. Onwards, I continued. Once inside, it was quickly apparent that it was a fairly small setting, which would shortly be filled up with EDEN fans. We pushed ourselves to a spot by the front lines, and waited for the show to begin. Before EDEN though was the support, which took the form of a band called Talos. I enjoyed their performance very much and made sure to make a note to check them out further afterwards. They’ve recently released their album ‘Wild Alee’ which I would definitely recommend checking out.

At last, the part of the night that we were most anticipating rolled around, as the lights dropped and the stage fogged up, with an extended version of the instrumental song 02:09 from the End Credits EP playing the perfect backdrop to build the hype for EDEN’s entrance. When he came out, the crowd, and of course me and Christopher, went wild as he kicked things off for an unforgettable night. Naturally his set included all the tracks from the EP, plus some of his content from The Eden Project days such as ‘Fumes’ and ‘XO’ with an added twist of a previously unheard of extension to the song. When he played the titular song of the End Credits EP, he brought a surprise guest on stage of the artist Leah Kelly who was on the original recording of the song as well. He also performed his cover of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson that he had released beforehand, and did a new cover of the song Hey Ya by Outkast. Lastly, he threw in an original song that had not been heard before, and would later emerge to be the song ‘Sex’ from his next EP. Along with his fantastic performance, of which some first time flaws did nothing to take away from, there was also a heavy emphasis on brilliant light-work and visuals on the stage which all culminated in an experience to remember.

When the gig was over, we headed over to a side of the stage we expected he might come out from to perhaps get a picture taken with him. Looking back on it now, it turned out to be quite comical, as we stood there like two complete idiots taking pictures of his Piano Case with the custom MCMXCV imprint, whereas over the other side of the stage unbeknownst to us was EDEN himself taking some pictures with fans. How gutted and embarrassed we were when we realized from social media posts afterwards.

To make matters worse about not being able to afford any merch at the gig, a short time after the tour was over, EDEN put the merch up online for a limited period of time to obtain the items and I had literally no money available to me to put into my bank account til after the deadline, and I was dealt the second heartbreak over once again being unable to capitalize and get me some merch.

We didn’t have too long to wait after the tour for news of big things to come from EDEN. Riding the wave of the End Credits success, EDEN announced the launch of his next EP ‘I Think You Think Too Much Of Me’, with pre-orders for it digitally, on cassette and on Vinyl available, plus a fresh new tour for it of epic proportions compared to the first one. This time, I had ample funds prepared, so I wasted no time in dropping a small bomb on my wallet. I pre-ordered a signed copy of the EP on Vinyl, marking the start point of me collecting Vinyls, and purchased two tickets for the tour, including a VIP package for myself. I’ll elaborate further in EDEN Part Two, and leave you with a showcase of the ‘ITYTTMOM’ Vinyl.

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On Youtube search ‘The Eden Project’ for a plethora of his early content available to listen to.

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2 thoughts on “EDEN Part One: Introduction, End Credits Tour Feat. Talos”

  1. kool writing, as always and even with ur first glitch u succeeded in becoming a first rate merch collector, realising the only requirement is to have the funds and the taste of course.


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