EDEN Part Two: ITYTTMOM, Futurebound Tour Feat. Majik

Hey look, I’m late again to the blog! Sorry to keep my devout followers (Of which I am sure there are legions of, naturally) waiting in suspense. Changes in the circumstances of my life at the moment are making it a bit more difficult to complete these blog posts within the schedule I have set. Hopefully in the not too distant future things will settle somewhat, but until then I’ll do my best to keep up with the schedule when possible! Now where was I? Oh yes, a blog to write! Before I proceed actually, allow me to share a useless piece of information and personal observation. So when I posted part one, I put the picture on Instagram like the rest of them and linked the blog and all that. Interestingly, the photo has about 81 likes now, of which a small margin of them actually did click the blog, so welcome, if you ever decide to return. Of those 81 likes though, was EDEN himself, which I’m totally happy about. I know there’s a very high chance he liked it for the picture only, but a tiny part of me likes to believe that maybe, just maybe, he clicked on and maybe read the blog. Just saying, he was in the states at the time for part of his current festival circuit, and there was about 3 visits from the USA via Instagram around that time. I choose to interpret that however I like. Anyway, enough about that. Also I’m not gonna lie, this post is probably gonna be really long, I have no intentions of holding back on this one as it’s the one I’ve been looking most forward to writing. Sorry, not sorry, read it anyway sure, be good fun hopefully.

If you missed part one, feel free to drop it a read here. I’m gonna run things back just a tiny bit into where we left off in the last one. When I said that his second tour was one of epic proportions, I really meant it. In the first tour, he reached 7 locations, and it was proper awesome. The EP and the tour for it really set the bar high for the caliber that EDEN was capable of and there was absolutely no doubt that he could come back with something even bigger and better. The new tour, labeled the Futurebound Tour and accompanying the new EP ‘I Think You Think Too Much Of Me’ (Called ITYTTMOM from here on out), boasted a highly impressive, if not ambitious, 33 locations in the US and in Europe. I for one couldn’t be more excited, I was going to see my favourite artist for the second time in a single year.

Before we get into the tour side of things though, there’s a few interesting things of note to get through beforehand. As you should know from part one, I bought the EP on Vinyl, and sure enough when the EP launched it arrived in the post, autographed and all. The only catch? I didn’t actually have a record player, it was purely on the basis of supporting EDEN and having it as a collectors item. Call it embarrassing if you want, but I figured it’d be comical to take out the Vinyl, blast out a song from it on my phone while spinning the record by hand and snapchat it to EDEN with a witty caption. Sometimes you just gotta be creative to entertain yourself. On the bright side, EDEN found the concept funny and snapped me back to convey as much. What can I say, I’m just a complete fanboy and thought that was awesome. So how was the ITYTTMOM EP, anyway? Fucking awesome, if you’ll pardon my French. With 4 new tracks, aptly named ‘Sex’ ‘Drugs’ ‘And’ ‘Rock + Roll’, all of which make individually solid cases to be EDEN’s best tracks to date alongside the likes of ‘Wake Up’ and ‘XO’ (‘And’ being a shorter almost interlude style song, it’s more the other 3 that achieve this status). These were then accompanied by a revival of three tracks from The Eden Project days: ‘Fumes’, which contained a brand new feature from Gnash that wasn’t on the original version, ‘XO’ and a remastered version of ‘Circles’. All this equated to a stellar EP of pure amazingness. Not to mention some really cool music videos, with Drugs getting not one but two official music videos. One in the more traditional sense of a music video, and the second one being a Virtual Reality experience 360 degree video.

So. I bought 2 tickets. I knew Christopher would naturally have his own one bought aswell. I didn’t actually have anyone I planned on bringing to the gig though, nah, my intentions were very much different. If there’s one thing I can be sure of Christopher being likely to do on a general day to day basis, it’s attempting to convert his friends into EDEN fans. A feat that honestly isn’t that difficult, people tend to get hooked pretty quickly from my experience doing the same. With that in mind, I waited until the EP had come out, the tickets sold out, and for Christopher to get his friends well acquainted with all the music available. I then told Christopher that I in fact had a spare ticket and that he should announce to a friend of his choice that they were going to EDEN’s gig after all. Well hadn’t no time passed at all pretty much when I immediately received a skeptical message from a random name “Tell me that Chris was just pranking me about the EDEN ticket”. As it turned out, this was a rare instance where Chris was in fact not making a practical joke. To be fair to him, EDEN is sacred to him, he’d never lie in that context.

The 18th of November finally rolled around, and the gig was set to take place in the same venue as before, The Academy, Dublin, only this time in the main bigger stage part. I made my merry way up to Dublin in as speedy a manner as one could considering the transport was not under my control. This time, I had been saving religiously and my wallet was pretty stacked. There wasn’t a hope of me falling short for anything this time. I arrived outside the venue early, and as I had the VIP Upgrade for myself, waited eagerly. The time came for me and the other fans that had opted for VIP to enter. The first thing to happen when we went inside is we were each given our own VIP poster, a VIP lanyard, and a free Jaunt VR headset to watch VR youtube videos on with your phone. I would later discover that my phone was far too big for such a device and thus it didn’t end up being of any use to myself.

VIP Package Items: Poster & Lanyard, Jaunt VR Viewer

Next up was pre-sale access to the Merch counter. Naturally, I was straight up in there, one of the first to hit the table, and I eyed everything up hungrily. Damage was about to be done to the wallet. EDEN caps in both black and white? I don’t even own or wear caps. So of course, I bought both. Black short sleeve EDEN shirt and a white-ish/grey long sleeve shirt? Done, mine! Black EDEN Jumper? Hell yeah! Wait, what do you mean you don’t have any in small or medium even, I’m literally the first person to even look at it. Damnit, whatever. Mega bummer that was. Ooh, white shirt and an EP belonging to the support act I’ve never heard of? Are they even good? Probably, EDEN picked them. Bought! At this point I had cleaned out the table of anything purchasable and I’m sure the person manning the counter thought I was bloody nuts.

EDEN Merch
Merch Haul of EDEN Items: Black shirt front and back, White long sleeve shirt front and back, Black cap with ‘Futurebound’ imprint, colour makes it hard to read. White cap with ‘EDEN’ imprint.

I quickly donned the black shirt and headed upstairs to the next portion of the experience, which was the Meet & Greet and Signing. Finally, I was getting to make up for the total failure of trying to meet EDEN after the first tour. I got to meet EDEN, who I suppose I should mention at this point actually has a name, that being Jonathon Ng, and we had a brief exchange of words while he signed my VIP Poster, and then we both posed for a picture together. Finally, once EDEN had made his way through all the fans, the last part of the experience was a half an hour viewing of the sound-check, where we got a nifty behind the scenes peek at him getting his instruments and mic in order, blasted with some of the songs he would perform later, and also of some of the light-work configuration that would accompany the performance.

Meet and Greet photo with EDEN, me on the left, Jonathon on the right. Also low-key wearing Orla Gartland shirt below the EDEN one

Scurried back out onto the streets of Dublin with a couple hours wait until doors would open again, my spirits were very much elated as I made my way to meet up with Christopher and Co. Fully decked out with merch, I found them perusing the shelves of a nearby shop. There, I met Christopher, another friend he had brought along with him, and Abi, whom I greeted by handing her the spare ticket as promised. And off we went, grabbing food before heading to the venue again. There, I briefly departed their company again as VIP’s had 10 minutes advanced entry to the normal ticket holders. One more check of the merch counter confirmed the disappointing news that unfortunately, they had been unable to get in the jumper in any decent sizes for this gig. Reunited again with the others, the night kicked off with support by Majik, consisting of a duo named Jamie and Marcus. They were definitely the ideal candidates to take up the mantle of setting up the crowd for EDEN’s entrance, with their music and chemistry providing a great opening to the night. The best way to describe their music, and the members of the duo personally, is to visit their Facebook page (Link will be below) and read their Bio in the About section, it’s quite the interesting read. Once Majik were finished their performance, EDEN came out and put on a masterclass of a performance in which it was easy to see he had used the experience from the first tour to vastly improve and refine his set. Overall, I can quite easily say that this was pretty much the best day of my life so far.

After everything was finished, we bumped into the duo of Majik outside and had a chat with them, both lads proving to be really cool, down to earth blokes who were great fun. They autographed my copy of their EP I had picked up earlier, and then posed for a photograph with the group of us. I was certainly glad I took the leap of faith and picked up their merch before even hearing them, because I was certainly interested in following them from that point on, and thus the journey of discovering new music continued.

Majik Merch: White Hourglass Shirt, Signed EP front and back
Photo with the group and Majik. Christopher on the left, then me, then Abi between the Majik duo

Huge merch haul aside, my quest for EDEN merch had been incomplete as I was missing an important piece of the collection, the jumper that had been out of stock. Therefore I had to go to extra lengths in order to acquire it. Thankfully, EDEN continued the tradition of putting the merch online for an exclusively limited amount of time after the tour was finished. Unfortunately, despite being an Irish based artist, his store was American based with no Euro store, so picking up the jumper set me back an arm and a leg, but such was the necessity of my quest. At last, I was satisfied. I’ll probably give a brief follow up to this blog post on EDEN in the near future, because even as I write this there is a limited edition EDEN hoodie being shipped to me as he released for 2 weeks only exclusive new merch. Find the social links for the artists below, and as always, keep on merching!


Facebook – Merch ShopWebsiteYouTubeTwitterSpotify InstagramSoundcloud


Website – YouTube Account – Instagram – Soundcloud – Facebook – Twitter – Spotify

EDEN Jumper
Lastly, EDEN Merch Jumper to complete the collection at the time, front and back

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