Trigger Part Two: Double Perspective Album Launch

Hey, it’s me again! Running on time and such, fancy that. Could get used to this. So, after the hiatus I returned to writing with a piece about a series of gigs I went to last summer right on my doorstep. One of those was the Irish Hip-Hop artist Trigger, and he just released his second album at a launch party 2 weeks ago, so I figured with the timing we may aswell tackle that while it’s fresh. His second album takes the name Double Perspective, the naming of which has a tragic backstory. I wrote in part one about how Trigger talked of his friend and fellow artist Basic and that he had commit suicide. Back in the day when they would rap together, Basic and Trigger had plans to create a collaborative mixtape called Double Perspective, a goal that was to be their crowning achievement. Unfortunately that never came to be, and now Trigger carries the torch for both of them with the release of this album. Having worked at the album for over 2 years to perfect it, Trigger has confidently said in interviews on the lead up to it’s launch that he doesn’t feel like any tracks on the album are filler, and that not only do they all have a deep meaning to them but he feels any one of them could be taken as a single. Indeed even looking at the tracklist, the album boasts a plethora of strong features with artists such as Harry J, Ophelia, Myles Gaffney, Bubba Shakespeare, B-Wonder, An Buachaill Dana, Nichole Desmond, Red The Future and Kreo Ghost collaborating, and most impressively, the rap group Outlawz of 2Pac fame putting in a feature. Not a bad accomplishment for the resume of this Cork Hip-Hop artist that’s for sure.

The venue in question for the album launch was none other than Cyprus Avenue in Cork City, with entry on the night even being free. Arriving on the evening and waiting on doors to open, all eyes were drawn away from the doors and up to the top of the street at a spectacle taking place. Pulling up to the curb was a silver Stretch Limo, from which emerged Trigger and co. Taking a moment to lavish in the attention of photographers and media presence alike lining up to preserve the moment, Trigger stood with Champagne bottle in one hand and a fresh copy of his album in the other.

With the grand entrance made, the doors to the venue opened and we made our way inside. A nice half-and-half setup had been put together inside, with a wide open space towards the front by the stage for people to crowd up or dance, and then table and chairs set up around the rest of the room. So before I jump into all the details, I’ll just make a quick disclaimer. There was a LOT going on that evening in the range of artists who took the stage and I do not entirely know who all of them were, so I may miss parts or get some parts wrong, but for the most part I’ll attempt accuracy. If you were involved and wish to rectify any gaps or mistakes, by all means contact me and I shall amend. For the first while of being in there, DJ Jus’Me was working at his booth in the corner of the stage to provide music to keep the atmosphere up while people began to fill out the place and all the formalities were made among various parties, with several different photographers and interviewers getting their shot at Trigger and the rest of the entourage. He would continue through the night to spin the beats for the various artists to take the stage. Stage host, presenter, and general character of the evening was Bubba Shakespeare, and I gotta hand it to him, he’s got a talent for working the crowd and the stage and is quick on his feet when he needs to improvise to keep the stage presence going.

The first act to take the stage is one I was already familiar with from the last show, none other than Anthony Jackson. It was no surprise that he absolutely killed it with his set, offering up a solid opening for the evening with some proper bangers. After he was done, Bubba took to the stage to keep things running until the next artist, Costello, was ready to take the stage. With quips galore, starting crowd chants, and more 16-bar freestyles than he bargained for, Bubba kept the crowd entertained. Finally, Costello came up to perform, and the fella I was standing next to and chatting to for a while was definitely a big fan of his already, singing high praise for him so I was intrigued what I was in for. As it turned out, I was definitely in for a treat. Costello was phenomenal, from his flow to his style, Costello was absolutely owning it on stage. I was breathless just listening to him as his non stop pace and intensity carried through track to track to track with no let up, with very clean delivery of his bars. He even clambered down from the stage with his mic to rap around in the crowd for a bit which was good fun. It turned out that he was selling an album on the night as well, by this point I had already bought Triggers new CD and my wallet groaned when it heard there was more, but nonetheless I added it to my collection. Hell, even the fella I was talking to already owned it and ended up buying it again cause he was having that much fun.

Untitled design (4)
Anthony Jackson opening up
Untitled design (3)
Untitled design
Costello’s Album Overnight Legends

Following Costello’s performance was the duo Red The Future and Kreo Ghost, repping the group Flowstate Movement which acts as an ambassador for much of the Irish Hip Hop scene. Both individually brilliant rappers, they worked off each other with excellent synergy, continuing to contribute to a jam-packed evening of solid entertainment. Kreo Ghost had a surprise in store though, as they came to a track in the set called ‘Lately’ and Red The Future delivered his verses, Kreo topped it off by singing a breathtaking chorus at a pitch one would not expect and showing that not only could he rap, but he could sing really well too, then diving straight back into the rapping. (Check out the YouTube video for Lately here) The duo of many talents finished their set and once again it was time for Bubba to grace the stage. For the next while to kill some time, they began freestyling some more, with loads of people hitting the stage to deliver their 16 bars, continuously keeping the action alive. Anthony Jackson, Costello, Bubba, Red the Future and Kreo, Costello’s friend who’s name I think was Hanzo but I’m not sure on that one, plus many more from the crowd. Whole thing was pretty incredible to watch, and it was all building to the big moment.

Untitled design (5)
L-R: Red The Future & Kreo Ghost

At last, the next step was for Trigger himself to grace the stage. With an Irish flag draped over his shoulders, he got up there and put on the performance the whole evening was culminating towards. With many of the artists who had features on his album in the venue, there was a lot of people up and down to put in their part on stage with him, making for a very fun evening all round. We even got another appearance from the ever brilliant Dylan Brickley for Triggers song with him ‘Let ’em Know’ from the previous album. When that was all finished, DJ Jus’Me tagged out of the DJ booth to let in the one and only Stevie G to take over for the rest of the evening. Once again another round of freestyles started up, with Trigger taking part aswell in this round with many of the aforementioned artists also doing some more. And that is how the album launch party went, it was an absolutely amazing and well put together evening and I’m glad I went and discovered a lot of new stuff from it. The kicker was that during his performance, Trigger threw out a copy of his previous album Triggernometry out into the crowd, right into my hands, so now I have two. That’s all for now folks, and remember, keep on Merchin’

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Double Perspective CD



Costello: Facebook

Bubba Shakespeare: Facebook Instagram

Red The Future: Facebook Youtube Instagram

Kreo Ghost: Facebook Youtube Instagram

Flowstate Movement: Facebook Youtube Instagram

Dylan Brickley: Youtube Instagram

Trigger: Facebook Youtube

Stevie G: Facebook


Tune in to the Merch Perch at 5PM on Monday (14/08/17) for the first of a sequence of 3 blog posts I’ve been itching to get onto this page for quite some time, it’s gonna be a good one.

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