Joseph J. Jones & Fiona O Connell


Well hello there. Back so soon? Here’s the situation folks. At the end of this week, I’ll be taking a break from the regular posting schedule of Mondays and Thursdays for two weeks until Monday 6th of November. During that time I may get around to a post or two, but commitments in that period of time mean it wont be the usual amount. Probably. To prepare for that, I’m going to aim to get some mini-blogs out (Granted, it is me writing them, so mini or not I may get carried away as usual) before then to catch up with a few things. Thus without further adieu, let’s get into it. On Thursday 12th of October as I finished work, I got an e-mail from Cyprus Avenue inviting me to be on the guest-list for a gig 2 hours later that evening for Joseph J. Jones. Without any plans that evening I figured what the heck I’d go for it, always up for a bit of spontaneity and Cyprus Avenue is a grand spot for music.

Fiona O Connell

When I got into the venue, there was a nice intimate atmosphere. Before Joseph J. Jones there was a support artist, a singer/songwriter from County Clare called Fiona O Connell. With acoustic guitar in hand, and clear, impassioned singing, she performed a number of her songs for us beautifully. You can find her music over on Soundcloud here, I recommend checking it out. I’ll put her most recent track ‘Bend & Break’ below this post, it’s been performing pretty well and gaining some traction on the streaming platform since it’s release. I’m sure she’ll be one to look out for, hopefully she makes another appearance down the line.

Fiona O Connell.png
Fiona O Connell

Joseph J. Jones

So, who’s Joseph J. Jones? Hailing from the UK, Joseph is an artist who has been making waves and took the hop over to Ireland to do a mini-tour across the land, hitting The Ruby Sessions in Dublin, Roisin Dubh in Galway, Cyprus Avenue in Cork and The Grand Social back in Dublin. When I received the e-mail about the gig, I checked out one song before heading in, and that was the music video for his song ‘Gospel Truth’ which will be down below. I was highly impressed by his vocal proficiency, with an astounding voice that has a brilliant range and depth. My appetite was awakened, and ready to be satiated that evening.

Tony on Keys and Joseph J. Jones

Joining him on stage was his pianist Tony, and together they put on a brilliant show. Joseph continued to showcase how much of talented singer he is, with great stage presence in humorous asides and story-telling behind the songs. He’s a very memorable and unique musician who is no doubt well on his way to higher prospects with his music. On the lighter side of things, he spoke before a song on the meaning behind it about the crazy times of drinking and needing to cut back on that – While fondly remembering just the night before going on a mad tear with some ‘propa Guinness’ in Galway. Then switching to more serious topics, he recalled a time when a friend of his was in an abusive relationship and how he stood up for her and performed an evocative song written about that experience. Some of his brilliant material that he played in the set included ‘Whisper to a Hurricane’ (4 days later, Ireland gets knocked about by Hurricane Ophelia, I’m calling shenanigans on this one), ‘Stay’, and his most recent single ‘Crawl’ which I’ll put the audio for below, to name but a few. I was speaking to Joseph after the show, and I had flashbacks to seeing Dan Owen playing the very same stage, given that they are both incredible vocalists and share a drive behind their music that is refreshing to see. I thought to ask might he know of the artist since he was conjured to mind, to which he responded that they are actually both artists of the same label ‘Communion‘, showing that they have some really great choices of artists under their belt. He was a great chap and I was definitely glad I had the surprise opportunity to discover his music, I look forward now to hopefully another trip back to this land somewhere down the line from Joseph. That’s all for this one, catch ye again in a couple days.


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