Emma Langford ‘Quiet Giant’ Album Launch

Quiet Giant

Alrighty then, I now pronounce my blog hiatus OVER! So let’s get right into the madness shall we. For this episode we’re looking at Emma Langford, an artist hailing from County Limerick. The big news that would’ve still been in the category of ‘news’ had I not taken a break from the blog before writing this, is her new album called Quiet Giant. Although the big official ‘Album Launch’ gig isn’t until December 2nd in Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick, Emma played two shows in Golden Discs stores in Limerick and Cork respectively on October 14th and 15th to celebrate it’s release to the great wide world. Thus I found myself at 2PM on a Sunday afternoon in the upstairs Vinyl Lounge of Golden Discs on Patrick Street, a dangerous setting for me to be in on any day, as Emma and her band set up in a cosy deep-set corner of the room. Joining Emma’s vocals and guitar are the following band members: Tadgh Murphy on Violin & backing vocals, Alec Brown on Cello & backing vocals and Hannah Nic Gearailt on Piano & backing vocals.

Oh and I nearly forgot, Peter Hanagan on Double Bass and Ray Yrure on Percussion. (Nah I didn’t forget, just a little joke about a review of the album which had neglected to mention the fantastic Peter and Ray among the others for their contributions)


Closed Book

Prior to these shows, the first single from the album, Closed Book, was released with an accompanying music video. The video was shot in various spots across Limerick, showcasing the beauty to be admired in the fine City, while the premise of the song raised a “lyrical middle-finger” defiantly towards those who would rather walk the path of life looking ever inward and acknowledging nothing of their beautiful surroundings or community around them. You can check out the wonderful music video for that below, it’s a good’un.

Live Show & Merch

I for one was very excited to see Emma Langford play as it was my first time coming across her music and I had heard great things from several reputable sources. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, it was a lovely little spot to see a band play in, albeit unusual of the kind of setting I was used to seeing live performances in. With a set-list that danced between album tracks with a couple oldies thrown in for good measure, Emma and band entertained the room full of people with beautiful music and intriguing insights into the state of mind that had gone into the writing of some of the tracks. Particularly moving was her song “Tug O’ War” from the album in which she touches on depression and anxiety and it’s effect on her life. I was sold after that performance, as the final note of the final song had barely finished it’s echo around the room I was up to the counter and plopping a copy of the album down, adding it to my collection. Emma stuck around to chat for a while, so I was also able to get my CD signed which was cool. If you’re interested in seeing a bit more about what her show at the Vinyl Lounge was like, it was streamed and saved as a video on her FB page, though without a mobile device it may be the wrong way up, but I’ll include it below anyway. Since then, Emma has embarked upon a big tour across Germany and Switzerland and continues to do so at current. A while after the gig, I came across her Bandcamp page, and thus I came to own a nice big ‘Quiet Giant’ badge which arrived nearly a week ago with the message ‘Wear it with pride’. I’ve been wearing it out to a few gigs I’ve been going to lately, to the approval of a few peers I’ve met as it adorned my jumper. That’s about it for this post folks, and as always, keep on Merchin’!

Emma & Band
My perspective of Emma Langford & Band on the day
Quiet Giant
Quiet Giant Album on CD
Quiet Giant Badge
Quiet Giant Badge

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