King Kong Company & R.S.A.G.


So, there I was, having a brief rest after the Imelda May concert, and about 90 minutes I was heading straight back out again. I had seemingly not had my fill of concert’s for the 29th of October, so I needed more. To the same venue I headed again, the Cork Opera House for the midnight concert, and arrived noting about 4 people waiting outside at the time. I happened to notice an old acquaintance of mine Dave, who does gig photography a lot of the time (You can contact him here if you wish to pick up his services, he’s a top lad for it), hanging about with his camera. I head over to him to catch up, having been a while since I last saw him, and discussed a number of different things music and blogging and photography. After a while of this kicking on, I looked over my shoulder back towards the Opera House, to find the queue stretching away from the door for ages. So much for getting in among the first few, then. No matter though, I had been unable to acquire a downstairs standing ticket in time so I had assigned seating and thus wasn’t going to be put out by it. I queued and waited patiently to get inside. I noticed a merch table. I knew I could not afford to buy anything. Nonetheless I approached, and that’s basically all it really takes before my fate is sealed. I managed to escape buying some really kick-ass looking King Kong Company T-Shirts (For now), coming away in the end with a CD for R.S.A.G. (Rarely Seen Above Ground) and a signed CD and Badge for King Kong Company.

KKC Badge
King Kong Company Badge
King Kong Company Self-Titled Album on CD – Signed
R.S.A.G.’s 2008 Debut Double Disc Album ‘Organic Sampler’


Much like the concert hours earlier with Sorcha Richardson making an appearance after the Sounds From a Safe Harbour blog post, so too is the case for R.S.A.G., who I was blown away by when I caught him during the same weekend in question. I found my spot up on high in the upper ring of seating, desperately wishing I was down below in the thick of it for what I was sure would be an amazing show. I already knew R.S.A.G. would be phenomenal, and the things I had been hearing about King Kong Company had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I had mentioned to a mate of mine on Snapchat, Davie, that I knew had this kind of music taste that I was going to this show, and his response couldn’t be more re-assuring. He spoke in the utmost of high praises about how absolutely unreal an evening of music I was in for from King Kong Company. R.S.A.G. had his drum kit and mic set-up at the ready, with his screen behind for accompanied projection with the music to set the atmosphere. And away he went, kicking off the show in epic fashion. With his high-intensity and masterful utilization of percussion to a level I have never personally witnessed anyone else come close to, accompanied by his vocals and the light-show going to work in behind him, he quickly had the atmosphere set for the evening and the floor moving. Alas my vantage point wasn’t ideal for my low-quality photography (Someday in the future I shall get a decent Camera to put better quality content up on here!), but you can find the my view below this paragraph.

R.S.A.G. at work on the stage of the Cork Opera House

King Kong Company

Coming into this concert, I knew three things about King Kong Company. One: From my mate Davie on Snapchat, to the people waiting in the queues with me to the event, and those sat in and around my vicinity of my spot at the upper seats, anybody I talked to about them talked about them with the absolute highest of praises they could muster, continuously assuring me they were utterly amazing. Two: From the very first moment I had pressed play to one of their songs on Spotify to determine if I should buy tickets or not, the only thought that immediately came to my head was “Oh holy crap, I bet this would be insane live”. And Three: They are literally holders of the award for “Best Irish Live Act” of 2016 by Pure M Awards. I mean, right there already all signals pointed towards an epic night of music.

So imagine my surprise, when the group comes out and they start out with their hugely energetic, loud and intense music to get people dancing, with lighting akin to that of a rave, and the stewards on the upper level are racing around with flashlights trying to tell people they could not stand at their seats and dance. You’re kidding me, right, do you hear the same music and see the same show I’m witnessing? Suffice to say, the audience were having NONE of it. However many hundreds of people occupying the upper circle of the venue defied them in unison and embraced the music as they were meant to, dancing and hopping to their hearts content. The icing on the cake for this was when a voice rang out from the stage from one of the members of King Kong Company, who had something to say. He said that he had been worried coming into the concert because he had been told the people on the upper floor would not be allowed to stand up from their seats. Naturally, and deservingly with more expletives than I’ll put here, his response was to tell everyone to stand up and dance for gods sake, he wouldn’t be having that. G’wan ya legend.

KKC Lights
Dancer on the stage for King Kong Company, with superb light-work

And thus the madness continued. Hell, even myself who’s movements to music consists of not really moving that much at all and not being inclined to dance, especially when completely sober, found myself absolutely lost in the pure stream of energy that emanated throughout the venue of this sold-out show and proper having a go at the ol’ dancing malarkey.  I urge anyone who ever has the opportunity to see King Kong Company play live, jump at the chance, it’s something extraordinary that you’ll not be easily forgetting. I wandered home in the cold of the early AM, with warm-blood and an elated spring in my step. I’ve updated the Merch Perch Official Spotify Playlist with some music from R.S.A.G. and King Kong Company, which will inject more than enough energy into the mix of musical styles on hand to shuffle through within it. That’s it for this post, until next time. And remember, keep on Merchin’!

KKC Live
King Kong Company, with their trumpets blasting out loud and proud from the left, and guitarist going to work on the right

Author: The Merch Perch

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One thought on “King Kong Company & R.S.A.G.”

  1. So the Merch came off his Perch in search of (wahh, no more rhymes to be found) ways to spend his hard earned cash and ended up dancing in the Gods to King Kong & co. Sounds like a wicked nite out.


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