The Uplifter Music Crowdfund Promotion

What’s the story

Greetings Merchlings! Today’s post is something a little bit different for which I call upon my readers to get involved with me. Back in August I wrote a blog post about a show I went to in Connolly’s of Leap, West Cork featuring Irish Reggae artist Cian Finn, and Southampton based Reggae & Dub artist Tom Earwaker, known professionally as The Uplifter. Tom is one of the most genuine and down to earth characters you could ask of an artist and of a person. His dedication is to bring some of the best, most wholesome vibes you could imagine to his music and to the live-stage in venues. Beyond that, his qualities are numerous, a small percentage of which I shall try to capture here. Tom is: A brilliant conversationalist. An avid fan of Coffee, Dinosaurs, Skateboards & Fishing, of which the more you combine them into one singular entity the more jovial he gets. A free-spirited dancer that’s light on his feet and is the embodiment of the joy that music can bring and how it can make you want to move. A brilliant promoter of his escapades in the videos he makes either in the lead up to, or in re-cap of events. And much much more.


And now, he wishes to serenade a town. Say what? You read that correctly. There is a video Tom made that I’ll put below and I highly encourage you to watch it, but I’ll sum up the basics of what’s happening. For the past decade approximately, The Uplifter has been performing in the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire, primarily at Stroud Valley Artspace which is extremely supportive of all kinds of artists. The beauty and the spirit of the town has had such an impact on Tom, that he has made it his mission to immortalize his feelings for the place in a personal song  and music video about it, and to also press this onto Vinyl. A special 10″ Clear Vinyl, to be more precise. Granted, many of you who are reading this may have no relationship with Stroud whatsoever to speak of, but even in terms of great music there’ll be something in this for you to appreciate, and the second side of the vinyl will feature the instrumental track for those not in the know of all things Stroud.

Crowdfunded Backing

So, how can you get involved? Tom has set up an IndieGogo page that you can find here: Link. There is plenty of reward levels you can jump in on to back the project, starting with just the vinyl and moving up through merch items in the form of Mugs, Tote Bags and Shirts, and then onto more unique rewards such as credits on artwork, in the music video and so forth. For the really bold and bountiful among you, you could even personally book the artist to play in your home space, garden or such place of your desire in your backing of the project.

A Merch Perch Influenced Package

When Tom announced this I was quick to jump over to the page, and my eyes were caught by all the brilliant pieces of merch one could get their hands on. To be quite honest, just one piece of merch along with the Vinyl was not quite to the level to satisfy me when it was all so tantalizing, so I simply had to bring my qualms up with him. As such, we reached an accord and now when you look at the page, you can find an additional featured bundle that has been put in there for the entire collection of physical merch for a very handy price-tag! (“I had a message from a guy in Ireland (Sean) asking if a BUNDLE of the physical merchandise was available… There is NOW! Thanks for the suggestion, Sean :)” – Description in the Bundle, how bout that). Now that’s more like it Tom, I’ll be having that one please and thank you. When I do have the funds I shall indeed be taking that package, and in doing so back just over 3 percent towards Tom’s goal. I ask that some of you consider backing at whatever levels take your fancy, there really is some spectacular items to choose from that I’m sure will be hard to resist (Dinosaurs with Skateboards or Dinosaurs bathing in Coffee, printed onto Mugs, Tote Bags or T-Shirts!! These concepts really just sell themselves)

The Uplifter and Ireland

It’s not all foreign affairs either. Since his two trips to Ireland in the Summer gone by, Tom has taken a liking to performing in our lands. He’s particularly enjoyed going to the fantastic venue DeBarra’s in Clonakilty, West Cork, and his next trip over to play has now been officially planned. On August 11th of 2018, The Uplifter will be making a much anticipated return to DeBarra’s. I couldn’t recommend enough that everyone get out to this when that date approaches. I bet we could make the atmosphere so special, in the years to come Tom will be sitting down and penning a tune about us to press onto Vinyl. That’s about everything covered here folks. Back his project, catch him live next year, and as always, keep on Merchin’

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