Dry Roasted Peanuts – ‘Former Child Stars’ New EP


Who Are Dry Roasted Peanuts?

Photographer - Caoimhe Coleman.png
Band Photo – Taken by their photographer Caoimhe Coleman

Dry Roasted Peanuts are a Cork based Indie-Rock outfit who have been descending upon the music scene in a storm of electrifying live shows and sell-outs nationwide. Last year they came away from the Battle of the Bands in the UCC Music Society as victors, and went on to achieve the same result at the inter-varsity finals. Since then they released a blisteringly sharp debut EP ‘Sometimes I’ll Stay In/Sometimes I’ll Go Out’, to largely positive reception. Their line-up consists of the following members: Marc O Cearnaigh (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) – JJ Lee (Bass) – Robert McDonnell (Lead Guitar/Vocals) – Chris O’Sullivan (Drums). Their name has generated a lot of buzz, with many touting them to be among the most exciting hot prospects emerging from the Cork music scene as of late. Their year going forward already looks bright, with the first wave of Townlands Carnival line-up announcements seeing Dry Roasted Peanuts joining the fold for the festival. You can find DRP across their socials at the following links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram You can also go check out their photographer Caoimhe Coleman at her blog, she took the above photograph, and conducted the following interview with the lads: Link

Former Child Stars

Former Child Stars - DRP.png
Dry Roasted Peanuts EP ‘Former Child Stars’ cover photo.

Following on from the rip-roaring year they had in 2017 and the success of their debut EP, the lads show no sign of dropping the ball as they hit the ground running in 2018 after a brief respite for the holiday period. They’ve come away from the studio with a brand new double single EP called ‘Former Child Stars’, featuring tracks ‘Honey + Lemons’ & ‘Upstanding’, which is out today across all streaming platforms. To my understanding, these songs have played a part in many of DRP’s live sets already thus far and are likely to be received with much excitement from fans new (Myself included) and old alike of the band.

DRP Live at Fred Zeppelins

Having not yet seen this band in action, I no doubt had to get myself to one of their shows eventually. I’d attempted a couple times before already, but schedule conflicts held me at bay each time unfortunately. Luckily for me, it was announced that they would be playing support for Waterford based Alt-Rock band ‘Cider Wasps’ at Fred Zeppelins on the 1st of February. The band put on a furious display to kick off the evening, showing just why they are considered such a phenomenal band to catch live. Among other tunes, they played both songs from the new EP, and did a solid cover of Lana Del Ray’s tune ‘Video Games’. The collective showed a lot of hard grit and determination through their set, exemplified by front-man Marc singing and jamming away on his guitar, while it’s pearly white pickguard collected crimson dashes of his own blood. Now that’s dedication. Minor flesh-wounds aside, their set wasn’t without it’s issues. A tech problem put Marc’s guitar out of action for the latter half of their set, though their on-the-fly adjustments saw them never lose their stride, maintaining a fantastic showing and entertaining the crowd right to the final note. Earlier in the same afternoon, the band had also just confirmed on social media that they had brand new Merch shirts that fans would soon be able to buy. I was interested in picking one up for myself, however on this particular occasion they did not have them to sell, so I’ll have to wait til next time for that.

Dry Roasted Peanuts on the Fred Zeppelins stage

Cider Wasps

Cider Wasps took to the stage shortly afterwards to carry us through to the end of the evening. Their band consists of the following: Danny Dunford – Tommy Dunford – Stephen Keating – Colin Drummey. I had seen the band once before under the same roof, and they smashed it that time to a hardcore fan-base in attendance. It was no different on this occasion as they got right into action. In the first half of the set, they played some new material, one of their older songs ‘Lúnasa’ and a cover of ‘Bubbles’ by Biffy Clyro. Their manic energy is a joy to watch and really gets the crowd pumped. When they break out their song ‘Far Be It From Me’ (As yet unreleased), my attention is shifted to their front-man and his guitar antics, as for a certain part of the tune he hoists his guitar up and plays it with his mouth. Perhaps for applications of the guitar such as that, it’s probably for the best that he didn’t share in the same fate as Marc in playing with bleeding fingers. Another song they do is a banging cover of ‘Plug In Baby’ by Muse, always a great tune. The energy and the sweat is thriving and constant song to song, reaching higher and higher peaks as we come towards the end. In the penultimate tune which they kick off their encore with, they have the crowd jumping and going wild. To bring the set to a close, they play their song ‘Quasar’, which shifts the momentum with a slower start, though at it’s peak sees the band and the crowd at their craziest point, jumping around and converging in a mosh of bodies at the center of the floor. I come away from the evening with a copy of their EP ‘Ethereal’, one of their signature band stickers, and a ringing in my ears. That’s all for this one folks, and remember, keep on Merchin’!

Cider Wasps at Fred Zeppelins
CW Guitar Face
Cider Wasps frontman playing the guitar with his face



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