International Women’s Day

Blog Series Intro

Alright folks, it’s International Women’s Day today, so you bet I’ve got something to write on the matter! This post is going to serve as the introduction to the series of blog posts that will follow this over the coming weeks, all of which contain some amazing women from the thriving Irish Music Scene. To try and write of every wonderful female artist that I’ve come across thus far would extend for pages upon pages, and I’d fear the possibility of leaving some of them out by mistake. What I will be covering however, is a run of gigs that have conveniently landed in the last 3-4 weeks, with a couple more yet to occur (2 Postponed because of that damn Storm Emma and the snow), that just so happened to all involve some fantastic women in this timeline, some new to the blog and some familiar faces. Across a 6 post series, I’ll be covering 18 wondrously musical women!

Quick Cast Run-Down

For the first post to look forward to, I’ll be covering Anna Mitchell at Coughlan’s Live, joined on the evening by support artist Marie Danielle who was over from America!

Marie Danielle and Anna Mitchell

Coming up after that is another show at Coughlan’s Live with a whopper of a line-up. Supporting the show was Jess Leen, and co-headlining the double header event was Emma Langford and Sara Ryan, both of whom were joined by the ever wonderful Hannah Nic Gearailt.

Jess Leen, Hannah Nic Gearailt, Emma Langford, Sara Ryan

In at post number 3 is Tower St. Music’s launch night at the Kino, which among other artists had Sinéad Murphy play, joined on stage by Dearbhaile Maclean and Sarah Hickey. To follow that will be an event that hasn’t happened yet, tonight’s gig with Cyprus Avenue’s very own International Women’s Day line-up, which will see Mide Houlihan, Sarah-Beth, Sara Ryan and DJ Kelly Doherty AKA Gadget and the Cloud all do their thing on their stage.

L: Sinéad Murphy, Dearbhaile Maclean, Sarah Hickey. R: Sarah-Beth (Photo from different gig, not final product)

Finally, coming in at second to last is one of my personal favourites, the 8th time I’ll be attending one of her gigs, none other than Stephanie Rainey and her baesist Sarah Power who will play at Cyprus Avenue on the 18th after being postponed from last week. Closing out the series then will be Wyvern Lingo with support from LAOISE at Live at St. Luke’s, which should be an absolutely incredible event, coming up in April after a reschedule from last week.

Not Final Photos: Sarah Power, Stephanie Rainey, LAOISE, Wyvern Lingo trio Caoimhe Barry, Karen Cowley and Saoirse Duane


I am well and truly excited to get cracking with this series of posts, got a wonderful mix of returning names and new names to delight over. Also since it’s my Finnish friend Susanna’s birthday today as well: Hyvää Syntymäpäivää!

Want to check out the full size photos from each of the sets used above? They’re all on my profile on Instagram now!

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