IWD: Anna Mitchell Live at Coughlan’s

 Marie Danielle

Alrighty then, kicking us off in the blog series celebrating International Women’s Day is Cork artist Anna Mitchell, with support from Marie Danielle. Marie hails from Pennsylvania and was here for her first Irish tour, journeying around the land alongside Anna’s own tour. Taking place at none other than my local venue of choice Coughlan’s Live on the 8th of February, this was the first of two of their dates in the same venue due to popular demand. Taking to the stage with just herself and an acoustic guitar, Marie captivated the room with her natural stage presence and imaginative story-telling in her music. She had wonderful tales to tell in relation to the songs she was sharing with us, from the likes of working with someone like Simone Felice on her album ‘Hustler’, to the culture shock of being a big city girl moving to the back end of nowhere. She’s currently working on her second album which I am rather intrigued to hear more about when there’s more to say on that front.

Marie Danielle
Marie Danielle, from my International Women’s Day photo series


Anna Mitchell

Up next was Anna Mitchell, performing with her full band. Anna was touring to promote her newly released self-titled second album. While her music was a new experience for myself, a quick look around the storied walls of Coughlan’s is quite telling of Anna’s prowess, with her name making it’s mark on the vibrant history of the place several times over. In the run up to the album launch, she released a new music video for a single from the album called ‘It Pours’. The song features an infectiously fun, funky, up-tempo vibe to it, and a mesmerizing music video of Anna donning bright neon face paints in the dark to perform the song. As pretty much my first introduction to Anna as an artist and her music, I was pleasantly hooked immediately and awaited the date of her show eagerly.


As far as the live performance goes, it was a stellar show all round. The energy was high and the feeling in the room was incredible, Anna and her band really know how to put on a great show and connect with the room. The craic was mighty, the air was buzzing, and the music a flowin’ freely. There was a matching theme of the colour red around Anna herself, from her red leather skirt to the red keyboard before her, and the red tambourine she broke out for a few tracks of shaking and clapping to boot. My attention was also drawn with much intrigue to her guitarist at the corner of the stage and his guitar in question, which appeared to be missing a jagged section from the side of it. No doubt a well storied instrument, it certainly added an extra dimension of interest to it and it’s owner.

Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell from my International Women’s Day Photo Series

After the show was finished, I found myself at the Merch table in the hall eyeing up a glorious Anna Mitchell vinyl in the middle of the table, grabbing at my attention. I’m a big fan of the wonderful artwork on it, and I loved the music I’d heard, so it was a no-brainer that I added that to my collection. I also nabbed Marie’s album ‘Hustler’ on CD while I was at it. I bumped into Anna and thanked her for a great show. That’s it for this time, keep an eye out for the next post in the series where we return to this very same stage for a whopper cast in the form of Sara Ryan, Emma Langford and Jess Leen. I’ll try be quicker on this one, I’ve been mad busy. Too many gigs, not enough writing time, what a complaint to have!








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