IWD: Tower St. Music Launch Event

What’s All This Then?

Just over a month ago I was scrolling through Instagram on a boring evening, and I happened across the Instagram story from Luke Tai. Keen to see what the ex-Elation drummer might be up to, I checked in to see what’s up. I found him promoting the inaugural event for a new music platform in Cork called Tower St. Music, taking place that weekend. Exciting new platform, Cork music scene, the lovely venue that is Kino hosting it, and Luke Tai involved somehow? Sounds right up my alley, I signed up immediately, no hesitation.

So, before I get into the event itself, how’s about we shed some light on what Tower St. Music do. Standing at the helm of this new platform are three people: Brian Davies, Ciara O’Toole and Enda Mullan, and they certainly deserve a lot of praise for what they’ve put together here. The main functions of Tower St. Music can be split down into 2 main operations: The online segment, and the live-gig. The online segment is where the team at Tower St. get together with the artists they will be showcasing, and record interviews and live performances from them to go online for the web-series. This is a great way for people to get familiar with the artists and to push their names out there a bit. This all culminates in the monthly live-gig then, with the artists who have shown up on the web-series coming together for an evening and playing a gig in a well organized evening of music. This currently resides in the fantastic venue Kino on Washington Street. Typically three artists/bands will be featured at a time, and the web-series is a great tool to determine whether or not the bands who will play would be to your tastes and therefore draw you to attend. Personally I don’t see myself missing too many of these shows this year or indeed any year, unless I am already tied to other plans on an evening in question.

A Matter of Loyalty

Without further ado, let’s get cracking with the event. I rocked up to the Kino, and was delighted to see the online buzz generated by it had actually translated to a good number of physical humans in attendance, with plenty of people filling out the place. I recognized a number of people there, such as Sarah-Beth and Sara Ryan, Luke Tai of course, and wouldja believe it I was only talking last blog post about Aaron O Sullivan suddenly cropping up everywhere I go, and here he was too, the second time that day alone I had bumped into him no less. The very first order of business upon entering the door was to be presented with my very own Live Gig Loyalty Card. I’m sorry, did I hear that correctly or had I died and gone to heaven? You’re giving ME a loyalty card for GIGS? Find me a more tailored loyalty card, you wont. Catch up, ye venues and promoters of the world, Tower St. Music just snuck through the inside line and stormed through into first place, this needs to be implemented everywhere ASAP. I nabbed myself a cosy spot up the front on a bean bag and spent the next half an hour or so twirling the loyalty card in my hand like I was Gollum and it were my precious.


Sinéad Murphy

And so, proceedings began. The great big screen came to life with a countdown, and then announced for us the first act of the evening: Sinéad Murphy. Up onto the stage she came, joined by Derbhaile Maclean and Sarah Hickey. Sinéad was equipped with both an acoustic guitar and a piano with which to present her music to us listeners on this fine evening. Sinéad is very close to releasing her new EP ‘The Golden Book’ soon, some of the tunes from which she played to us in this gig. She played her heart out on the stage, channeling her experiences and stories out in the music and carrying us along with her. Songs such as ‘Old Church Street’ lifted us up on a cloud and took us to her home town of Athenry and demonstrated the love she has for the place. She played some of the set solo, and some of it with Derbhaile and Sarah, the combination of them creating some wonderful three-piece harmonies. Along with the live-gig, Sinéad was the pilot episode of the Tower St. web series, with an interview episode and a live performance episode. You can catch the interview below, and check out the recorded live performance on the Tower St. youtube page at the following link (Here).

Sinead Murphy
L-R Sinéad Murphy, Derbhaile Maclean and Sarah Hickey, from my International Women’s Day photo series

Just Charlie

Next up to the stage was Just Charlie. A band so big, they actually had two bands! They have their songwriting feet firmly planted in two opposite directions, and throwing the poetry of Robert Frost to the wind, split their body and traveled both roads simultaneously. With the first side to the band, they explored the route of lyrical songwriting and emotional music. Halfway through, and with a switch in the cast, they veered down the direction of a more electric feel. My man Luke Tai himself came up and played the drums. Albeit not in a manner I’m used to seeing him, for he was sat behind one of those electric drum pads whacking away at that instead of a real kit. Both sides to the band played some really good music and had their merits. The last song they played especially stuck out to me, reminding me somewhat of the music Talos makes.

Just Charlie P1
Just Charlie Band 1
Just Charlie P2
Just Charlie band 2

The Davies Brothers

Bringing a fantastic evening of music and an overall very well run event to a close was The Davies Brothers. No sooner had Luke Tai left the stage than had he come straight back up, this time at the helm of the physical drum-kit. And over to the left, playing for the 76th band I’ve seen him among the ranks of in 2018, the one and only Aaron O Sullivan was there to do some damn good guitar playing. A Luke Tai and Aaron O Sullivan combo in one band, now that’s a mix I hadn’t anticipated but was pretty excited for. At the front of course were the Davies brothers themselves, Eoin and Brian. A fine pair they were, with acoustic guitar, bass, and their voices between them. Watch out Dan and Barry Murphy of Hermitage Green, you’ve got competition! With that, an epic and highly successful launch night reached it’s end. Brian, Ciara and Enda made their way to the stage to much fanfare to give their thanks and their speech of what it meant to them to kick off such an amazing project. The next live gig is in fact tonight, with an incredible line-up consisting of Ghostking is Dead, Sara Ryan and Sarah-Beth hitting the stage. I’ve seen all three before, and it’s for sure going to be amazing, I’m looking forward to catching that second stamp on my loyalty card.

Davies Brothers
L-R: Aaron O Sullivan, Eoin and Brian Davies, Luke Tai

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