IWD: Pinhole & We March

We March

Cork based band We March first entered my radar when they played in the November Garageland Ireland Cork showcase. Despite me missing their performance on the evening due to an over-saturated personal schedule, I heard great things and the evening was a big success overall. I made a note that I must experience their music live after missing out, and I kept my eyes and ears open for such an occasion to pop up. Funnily enough, such opportunity fittingly arose in the month of March. A band I hadn’t encountered before, Pinhole, was set to play at the Roundy on March 16th and We March were supporting. John Paul FitzGerald, the Pianist and songwriter for We March, was vigilant enough to remember my interest and notify me of the gig for which I’m very much grateful.

IWD Debbie.png
Debbie Calzaccia of We March, in my International Women’s Day photo series

We March wasted no time showing why they’re an exciting prospect in the music scene right now. Playing tracks from their debut EP ‘The Dumb Angel’ and other as-yet unreleased material, they announce their presence emphatically. Songs such as their self-titled introductory track ‘We March’ and ‘Fight or Flight’ entice the listener with their incredibly catchy and energetic musical arrangements. With ‘Bones’ they deftly switch up the pace after reeling the listener in and get to work sinking their musical claws underneath your skin, to the bone perhaps if you will, and impacting on a deeper level. The titular track of the EP, ‘The Dumb Angel’, is a hauntingly beautiful minimalistic song carried by the masterful piano work of John Paul Fitzgerald and the mesmerizing vocals of Debbie Calzaccia, and completes the spine-tingling process of their music gripping you tightly and staying with you long after the final note has played out. John was brilliant enough to supply me with a hard copy of their EP after the show, and suffice to say it has seen plenty of spins ever since. With what they’ve accomplished on a 4 track EP, I’m certainly excited to see what time brings to the table in later releases. (Go on, press that play button below, you wont regret it)

We March
We March: John Paul cracking out a Harmonium for a tune
We March CD
We March’s debut EP ‘The Dumb Angel’


After that incredible bit of music I am reminded that the evening has only but begun, as up next is the 4-piece Pinhole to take to the stage. Have I mentioned enough times over the last year how much amazing music there is in the Cork and Irish scene that has slipped past my attention? Flying under my radar until now, Pinhole is another perfect example of this. Not content to have their music placed in a meaninglessly labeled box, they transcend genres and have let their music carve a different path altogether. The result is a refreshingly unique and unpredictable sound that breathes with a life of its own. They put on a captivating performance that had me transfixed from start to end. At the front of the pack on lead vocals and Violin is the incredible Ciara O’Flynn. A neat trick I watched her do in a couple songs, something I’d personally never seen before, was her using her violin as a singing apparatus by singing through its acoustic body. It was an incredibly mystifying thing to watch and listen to, and produced a different and very cool sound.

IWD Ciara
Ciara O’Flynn of Pinhole, in my International Women’s Day photo series
Pinhole Violin Face
Ciara using her violin as a singing apparatus

Captaining a corner to himself surrounded by his triple piano set-up and on backing vocals (And for one song, lead vocals) is the talented Mark McLoughlin. He has a great sense of humour and, despite his self deprecating jokes before his main singing bit for the song ‘God Was Making Snow’, nailed it with his performance for that too. Towards the end of the set Ciara announces that they are going to attempt a brand new song fresh from it’s creation. Through the angles of limbs and instruments I glimpse the drummer at the back with the most priceless ‘I have no idea what we’re doing’ face aimed at Mark before they cracked into it. They smashed it though, drummer included, and closed out the set shortly after. They’ve a good few tracks up on Soundcloud (You know what to do, hit that play button below) to delight the ears with, and are currently expecting the release of their album at some point this year which should be an incredible piece of work. You can also check out their rather intriguing music video for their song ‘Oh No’ down below.

Pinhole Everyone Pianos
Pinhole all getting their hands on some keys and jamming at the Piano corner together for a tune

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