Garageland Ireland @ Crane Lane – Spring Edition

Rufus Buck

Righto, been heavily delayed getting this post out into the world with a packed schedule of events, so let’s get right to it. After the great experience I had at the half of the Garageland gig showcase I attended back in November, I eagerly awaited the occasion to experience the caliber of event they throw once more. Said opportunity arose with their return to the Crane Lane on April 12th with another stellar 4 act line-up of Irish talents to show what they could do. I made it nice and early to the event this time and got to meet some of the Garageland team. That in itself was brilliant as all the fantastic work they’re doing for the scene is highly inspiring and it’s an honour to cross paths with people with such dedication for Irish music. I also got my hands on the Garageland Volume 1 CD which features 16 Irish artists and bands which was a nice pickup.

Garageland CD
Garageland Ireland Volume 1 CD

First up on the bill for the evening was opening act Rufus Buck. Rufus Buck are a Cork-based indie-rock outfit who have quite freshly emerged in the scene and were playing their first gig together on this very evening. A notable point about the four-piece is the fact that their front-man is the cousin of The Elation’s frontman Chris, showing that music is something that runs in the familial blood. The lads put on a good show with some wholesome rock vibes. They gelled well for their first time gigging together with only a small tech issue towards the end of their set taking anything away from their performance. I’m hoping we see more from these lads in the not too distant future.

Rufus Buck
Rufus Buck


Rich City Vultures

Next up for the evening was Rich City Vultures, the only band of the night I was priorly familiar with and had seen live once before. They were unfortunately down a member of their band for the evening, with their hot-shot bassist JJ Lee unable to make it with them. They made do with a fill in replacement that they hadn’t played with before. Despite that set-back, the bassist was solid and didn’t let the lack of practice with the band show, looking every bit comfortable with the band. RCV demonstrated why they’re one of the hot prospects of the Cork scene right now, their live performances continuing to amaze. Personally one of my favourite antics of theirs is during their song ‘This Moment’, where their drummer switches out the regular drum-sticks for a red neon-lit pair and puts on quite the drumming spectacle. By the end of their set, their energy is off the hook with instruments being thrown and swung around the place in a wild display. Check out their EP ‘Cool Boy’ below.


Rich City Violets
Rich City Vultures
RCV Neon Sticks
Neon Sticks during ‘This Moment’

Eden Isle

Up to the stage after RCV was Eden Isle. They first popped their head up in the scene around the latter half of 2017. They put out a photo online hinting at a project they’re working towards called The Eclectic Church. They were fantastic live with a few styles showcased across their songs, loosely bundled into the genre of melodic rock/alternative. There was particular emphasis on their track ‘Numb’ which is set to be their debut single release anytime soon. The song focuses on the topic of peer pressure and is sure to go down well when it hits the aul’ interwebs. Besides the great music I was also intrigued by the stylish footwear of the front-man Kevin, which upon closer inspection had a kick-ass Joker design from batman. Irrelevant to current proceedings but I thought they were cool. Back to the music, they continued to kill it for the full set. While all their music was probably new to most in attendance, they partially played a particularly new song to their repertoire called ‘Ghost of You’ which was still in the writing process at the time, providing an interesting insight into their creative process before they’ve fleshed songs out fully.

Eden Isle
Eden Isle
EI Joker Shoes
Them Joker shoes though

Black Violets

The final act to the stage for the evening was alt-rock four-piece Black Violets. They had a stellar performance rocking the place and entertaining the crowd, which at this point was nicely filled out. They showcased their adept abilities with the switching of instruments at ease between members at the requirements of particular songs, with all but the drummer playing their hand at a number of the instruments in their arsenal. Much like Eden Isle before them, they ended out their set with a brand new song freshly finished just 2 days prior called ‘Know The Score’, absolutely smashing it for their debut of the tune. They’ve a 3 track EP available on Soundcloud that you can check out below to get an introduction to their sound.


Black Violets
Black Violets

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