The Elation Clickbait EP Launch

So here goes nothing! Hi guys. My name is Kathryn and Sean has asked me to be a guest writer for his awesome (although I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that!) music blog. This is the first time I have ever done something like this so needless to say, I am a bit apprehensive as usually anything I would write after a gig would be mere ramblings on Facebook. Also, considering the standard of Sean’s writing, I feel like I have a lot to live up to! That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try though so let’s get started 🙂

I’m here to tell you a little about a Cork band called The Elation. As I have already stated, I have never done anything like this before but The Elation, as both musicians and people have prompted me to put my thoughts down on paper…Online paper that is!

The Day

Anyone living in Ireland recently will have noticed the beautiful heatwave we have been having. Smiles have adorned people’s faces and the warm weather seems to have people in great moods.  It was a spectacularly sunny Tuesday and I had just finished work. I knew I was going to have to rush into Limerick City in time to catch my bus to Dublin in order to make doors for The Elation. I ran home, showered, changed, fixed my hair and makeup and off I went as happy as Larry into town. As per usual, my chariot to Dublin, Dublin Coach, was half an hour late.  A little disgruntled, yet excited, I hopped onto the bus and prepared myself for the sweltering three hour bus journey in my very own little glass cage of emotion…Or at least , you know, a glass cage! In went the earphones (playing The Elation on Spotify of course! Check them out below) and out went the world.

Three hours later, I arrived in Dublin City. I could feel the excitement coursing through my body but I was also a little nervous. I had never seen or met The Elation before and as lovely as they had been to me online, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from them. Despite my bus being late, I walked through the doors of Whelans at exactly seven o’clock. I grabbed a pint and went to sit upstairs in the smoking area. As I walked up the stairs, I grinned to myself as the catchy beats of ‘XO’ were blaring through the doors. I may have been a little early but at least it meant that I could relax and catch soundcheck before going in.  

Twenty or so minutes later, I looked up from my phone and there stood Chris, Declan, Billy and Denis. “You’re Kathryn aren’t you?!” smiled Chris as he spoke. I was flattered that he knew who I was and within minutes, we were all chatting away as if we had known one another for years. I instantly felt at ease and knew from that moment that I was going to enjoy my night! I had been a little anxious about going to the gig by myself, even though it’s something I do on a regular basis, but the lads had helped me to relax as soon as they saw me.

The Support Act

Eight O’Clock quickly arrived and a few eager beavers like myself filed through the doors. Support on the night came from four piece Dublin pop/rock band ‘Fade To Light’. I had briefly checked these guys out on Soundcloud (See below)  and was optimistic about what they were going to bring to the night. It was safe to say that they were crowd pleasers and had captivated the attention of the audience as soon as they had set foot on the stage. They quickly gained a fan base within the crowd and heads could be seen bopping along to their songs, bodies swaying in unison. A notable moment from Fade To Light’s set was a touching tribute to one of the band members who had recently lost his father. Unfortunately, I was too caught up in the moment to take note of the name of the song but let me tell you, by the time they had finished it, a lump had formed in my throat and I was blinking back tears. The lads are currently working on their debut EP which is due for release later this year. Keep an eye and ear out for them, they’re going to be big!

Fade To Light Frontman
Fade To Light’s Frontman Jeremiah Day

The Elation

No sooner had Fade To Light left the stage were The Elation getting ready to hop up and wow the crowd. It was the quickest change over I’ve probably ever seen! (Kudos lads!) No exaggeration, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, I was just that hyped-up to finally hear the lads play live. Once or twice before, an opportunity had arose for me to see The Elation however, as most music fans are aware, gig clashes are wonderful things. Not.

The Elation wasted no time in showing everyone why they are such a highly anticipated band entering the music scene at the moment. Their first song of the night, ‘Just Say When’ is featured on their new EP Clickbait, which was making its debut on the night. The song started with a catchy guitar riff which captivated the audience’s attention. It was fairly obvious from the get go that the lads were really enjoying themselves and wanted to put on the best performance possible for everyone.


Chris Cansdale 2
Elation front-man Chris Cansdale

Next up was ‘Catch’, also featured on Clickbait and in addition to this, their new single, which was released on June 29th. ‘Catch’ is a personal favourite of mine and I was in my element that I was getting to hear it live. I’m a sucker for cute wee lyrics so I’m sure it goes without saying that that’s why this is my favourite song. “Her eyes were like fireflies when she walked in and lit the room” are the lyrics that melt me and I’m sure the rest of the room were a bit perturbed by the girl at the front absolutely belting them out! To celebrate the release of ‘Catch’, The Elation released a limited edition run of Clickbait on cassette. If you would like to purchase one then here’s the link, but be quick as they’re flying out of the store!  This has to be the most awesome piece of merch I’ve come across in a long time, retro and cheap, what more could you want!

Declan Kelleher
Elation Bassist and Keys player Declan Kelleher

I needed a moment to regain myself after ‘Catch’ and, perfect timing, two new songs (new to me at least!) were introduced to the setlist. “Keep Running” and “Live A Life” are two brilliantly written songs which are enhanced by Denis on drums and Declan and Billy on guitar. I don’t want to give too much away because this is the stage where I encourage you to catch (no pun intended… OK, well maybe a little) The Elation live to hear them for yourself!

Denis Burke
Elation drummer Denis Burke

Next up was ‘Feels Like A Good Reason To Get Started’. Chris introduced the song and went on to explain that it was released last year as a charity single in aid of Cork Gay Project. Who doesn’t love a charitable band, right?! This track was recorded and produced with multi platinum selling London producer Andy Whitmore so needless to say, it’s a good one! The song has established itself as a dance/pop song but underneath the surface lies a story tinged with sadness.


The boys were ready to show Dublin exactly what they were made of with their next song ‘XO’,a fast paced and energetic pop song. The song’s basis lies in working hard but partying harder and this can definitely be seen both in the lyrics and the way in which the band performs the song. Chris, Billy and Declan can be seen jumping around the stage throughout the song and Denis gives it welly on the drums. “I’m dancing through the night, caught up in your spotlight” is exactly what was occurring during this song as a small group of girls took to the dance floor and got caught up in XO’s spotlight. The joy on the band’s face when they saw these girls dancing along was evident and it was in this moment it became clear just how appreciative they are for the support they receive. Well deserved support might I add.

Billy Whelan
Elation Guitarist Billy Whelan

Following ‘XO’ was another new song called ‘Golden Mirror’. A lot of songs were new to me as it was my first time seeing them but this one stood out to me. The lyrics were captivating and the beat behind it seemed particularly magical. This is one song I’m really looking forward to hearing again!

The night was coming to a close and there were only a few songs left. Next up was ‘Ready Or Not’ which Chris explained was about suffering with anxiety. The meaning of the song could clearly be heard in their lyrics “Ready or not, here I come to find you.” among many others. I felt a particular connection with this song as I’m sure many other members of the audience did too. Each word of this song was sung with particular conviction and when it came to the line “Can you feel it? Can you feel it? It’s my heartbeat.” my heart was racing along with the song. A song like this one with particular meaning behind it will resonate with a lot of people.

Chris Cansdale
Chris Cansdale pouring himself into the music

The night culminated with a final new song, ‘Top Of The World’ and a cover of ‘After All’ by The Frank And Walters. As Chris said himself, If you are a fan of The Young Offenders then you were going to know and love this song. It’s safe to say they did it justice and had everyone singing along with them! A lively way to finish the night! The band left the stage to a resounding applause from a very enthusiastic audience. Dare I say the crowd were.. Elated.. after such an amazing night? Sorry not sorry.

Kathryn and The Elation
The Elation and Kathryn get a picture together after the show

Check Them Out!

This is the point in my ramblings where I encourage you to check The Elation out! They’re on all the usual social media platforms so you have no excuse not to give them a like or a follow!

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Snapchat – theelation

Spotify –

YouTube –

AND FINALLY…. If you’re interested in picking up some of your very own The Elation merch, check out their store here!

It’s been a pleasure guys,

Peace out,


Part Two – A note from Seán

A lovely write up Kathryn, thanks! Last year The Elation featured twice already on this blog and I’ve had great fun following their journey and look forward to where it goes next. I attended The Elation’s late April event at the wonderful Cork venue Kino and want to give a quick shoutout to the wonderful support artists they featured on the night, Eoin who put in a fantastic solo set – Dan O’ Keeffe who I was pleased to finally catch play with a full band line-up after a few solo shows, he’s been impressing me a lot as of late with the various appearances I’ve seen him make and he headlines An Spailpin Fanach on July 20th coming – And finally Carol-Ann who rounded out a fantastic run of support bands before we’d even reached the main act themselves. This particular gig from The Elation was beyond incredible as they had full reign over the big screen at Kino and had an incredible visual playing in the background of various animations spliced together. Despite the visuals not being custom made for the band, the theme displayed throughout perfectly suited the band and created a wonderful extra aesthetic to their performance. This was their first self organized headline gig and there was a great number of people in attendance, all round a solid success from the lads.

Kino's The Elation sign
Sign on Display outside the Kino for their event

I also went to their EP Launch at The Poor Relation on June 1st and witnessed another awesome gig from the lads, support that night came from none other than Rufus Buck who had recently featured with Garageland Ireland and who’s singer is related to Elation front-man Chris Cansdale (The Elation had a relation play the support at The Poor Relation and they STILL didn’t make a pun? Damn it guys). As for The Elation merch? Completed it mate.

The Elation Clickbait CD + Shirt


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