Ruth Brosnan Reminds Us That We Are All ‘Good Enough’ With Debut Single

It is with great pleasure that I direct your attention today to the Debut Single ‘Good Enough’ by emerging Cork artist Ruth Brosnan. Ruth is just one such example of the many incredible home grown talents that have come through the system of music courses on offer at Cork School of Music, with ‘Good Enough’ being but the first impression of what is sure to be a voice you’ll find yourself hearing more and more about in times to come. Coupled with her musical education in Cork, Ruth has also spent time abroad in LA, where she has honed her Songwriting skills to further her career as it begins.

‘Good Enough’ builds like a carefully tended fire, starting off as a slow burning flame and gradually growing in power until it becomes a soaring anthem of positivity. We all have this same fire and passion burning within us, even if at times it can be so difficult to grasp it and hold onto it, and Ruth calls on us all to slow down for a moment and take in the fact that, yes, we are indeed good enough. Moreso in fact than just good enough, we are strong and dangerous and capable of so many things if we just let ourselves. Check out this stunning debut down below and make sure you follow the artist for whatever projects may follow down the line. This song is Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Wavefield Recording Studios and the video brought to fruition by Epic Productions.

Author: The Merch Perch

Music enthusiast, Merch Collector, blogger of both worlds combined. Check it!

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