Wax White Release Debut Single ‘Young Fella’

Wax White have burst onto the scene in emphatic style with debut release ‘Young Fella’. Consisting of Dublin duo Damo & Gav, AKA Haideez & Fuzzy, Wax White have been making waves in recent months building a name for themselves, featuring on a number of solid line-ups in venues such as The Grand Social and Fibber Magees. They’ve impressed greatly through each passing show with their confident, energetic performances building them a reputation for bringing the best vibes to get the crowd hyped up. Their latest achievement was headlining The Grand Social on August 10th as part of FlutterTone‘s new monthly gig night ‘YLOFI’. The lads are hotly tipped as one of the most exciting new acts emerging in the Hip Hop scene right now, with the potential ingredients to go on and surpass the likes of Versatile and rescue a piece of Irish Rap from parody acts, though admittedly it’s early days yet and there’ll be much hard work and grinding to get them elevated to those heights. This is a wave to get on early as it promises to be a thrill of a ride going forwards for these 2.



‘Young Fella’ is a tune that’ll have you jamming out like nobody’s looking and put a pep in your step. With a tasty driving bassline running through the track courtesy of Granny on production, the boys effortlessly run away with the beat in style, bouncing off of each other’s flows to deliver a high energy barrage of lyrics from start to end. If you enjoy this first taster of what Wax White has to offer and find yourself fiending for more, fear not for you can go check out their YouTube channel here where you’ll find some more demos to tide you over for further releases.


Author: The Merch Perch

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