Live At Home 2 – Unemployable Promotions

Serious kudos are in order to the team at Unemployable Promotions. Last week’s Live at Home event was a massive success and set the benchmark for how these live-stream gigs could be organized and successfully executed, they were among the first handful of people I saw taking the initiative in this current climate to do something like this. In addition to that I’ve seen a lot of people do live streams before and they can often get derailed so quickly, be it technical issues or what have you getting in the way. Meanwhile UP coordinated not just 1, but 8 whole live streams to run like clockwork, with every single one running bang on time and in complete working order, that is absolutely no mean feat to pull off. So again, kudos.

Now, they’re back and shooting for the stars with another incredible installment coming to your screens TONIGHT (Cause I’m a lazy bastard and didn’t write this earlier). Once again they’ve managed to hand-pick a bunch of unreal acts, a few of whom are among my favourites and a few of whom I am well overdue a proper introduction to. The fundraiser that went with the first one was also a massive success and that too is taking place again but with a wonderful twist as they aim to support key charity ALONE with the proceeds they build up from this one, so if you’re in a position to I urge you to support and donate if you can, or at least watch along and enjoy yourself if you can’t. Find the link for that here So without further ado, let’s get into the line-up.

Live at Home 2

Straight out the gate they’ve hit us with a Cry Monster Cry solo set (One Cry per brother? Perhaps this is just Cry Monster?), it’s going to be incredibly weird for me to see Ritchie performing without Jamie, but I already know it’s going to be wonderful nonetheless. This continues the tradition of Cry Monster Cry never appearing before me with the same arrangement (First time a 2 piece, second time a 4 piece, third time a 3 piece and now a 1 piece) which is pretty neat, nicely unpredictable as ever. I look forward to hearing the dreamy songwriting some more, even if without their signature harmonies. CMC’s most recent musical offering comes in the form of their beautiful sophomore album Tides which came out late last year, with myself picking up the vinyl at the Cork date of the launch tour in lieu of affording proper dinners that week – Money well spent as always.

Next we have Tiz McNamara performing all the way from Toronto, Canada. He’s Irish but he abandoned us all to live there the mad chap. Tiz is full of life and humour and if he’s not careful he may very well talk away his 20 minute set without even performing anything – And you wouldn’t even mind cause he’s gas. That said the man is a wonderful songsmith and will bring up all the deep set feely feels in your heart as he lays his inner self bare for all to see, no holds barred. He may or not perform what’s about to be his new single releasing on April 1st, the aptly titled April Fool, a heavily emotional and deeply personal song of his. You may perhaps recognize his song Steady As You Go, widely used in TV Drama’s whenever something sad happens.

Love, Heartbreak and Ultimate Frisbee. Next up is the incredible Dan Elliott. I’ve seen him perform a bunch of support slots now and usually it makes my day to find out he’s been added to the bill of a gig I’m attending, indeed same to find out he would be part of this very event now. The fella’s got some serious singing chops, and as you’re likely aware by now I’m a sucker for an emotional gut punch of a song and for that right there Dan’s yer man.

Next is an artist I’ve been less familiar with, Meghan Murray. Meghan has been making waves in the Irish music scene with her debut EP ‘Out Of Mind’ released last year and recorded at the one and only Monique Studios. Her amalgamation of R&B, Soul and Pop have given her a fresh style of her own that she commands beautifully. I got sidetracked from writing this for far too long as I got lost in the dreamscape that is her debut EP. My favourite so far? Feeling Blue.

Have you ever noticed how many unreal bands Ireland produces that spawn from uber talented siblings making music together? Basciville is a band containing Wexford brothers Cillian and Lorcan and they are no exception to the aforementioned statement. Beyond their own music as Basciville, the brothers also have their paws dipped into many musical projects across Ireland as producers and composers. You’ll find a large array of influences across the genre spectrum in their sound providing a fresh twist to set them apart in the modern pop landscape. Their EP ‘For All Lost Youth’ is an excellent looking glass to get a sneak peak into what you can expect from these guys while they work hard on putting together a full album for us to delight over.

Tadgh Williams is an artist I can very much see capturing a lot of my attention going forwards. He’s one of those musicians whose songwriting takes on a very much poetic quality, likened to powerhouses such as Glen Hansard, Damien Rice, and personal favourite of mine David Keenan to list but a few. Indeed his current offerings on Spotify consist of one song and one poem which showcase the craftiness and wit in Tadgh’s pen. I’m interested to see more of what he has to offer.

In The Willows, stripped all the way down to a solo set, is sure to be an interesting thing to witness. One of Unemployable Promotion’s own first signings, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in all their glory once before last year alongside personal favourite of mine Míde Houlihan. They bring so much light and brightness to the Alternative-Folk genre and I for one continue to be eager to see where they take us next. Their 2018 album ‘Before Everybody Disappears’ is a piece of beauty and wonder.

If you know me in the slightest, you probably know just about everything I have to say about this final act, Stephanie Rainey. One of my absolute favourite Cork musicians, I have very closely followed and admired Stephanie’s rise in the music scene since I first saw her in February 2017. Stephanie is a total powerhouse of a woman who writes absolute ANTHEMS on a large spectrum of relatable topics, never shying away from giving 100 percent of herself to the songs. Never mind the list of hits and bops she’s already released upon the world, I could write on forever about just the songs she HASN’T yet unleashed that she has tucked up her sleeves. I mean, just you wait until ‘Woman’ comes out because that might just be one of her greatest achievements yet. Ever developing and growing, I’ve been so proud to be there for so many steps of this wonderful journey she’s on.


Please do tune in to all of these acts tonight as they keep us nicely entertained and help us through another day of these tough times. You can find all the information as it becomes available such as streaming times and where to be over on the event page here I’d also be delighted if you might consider giving my own blog’s facebook page a cheeky like here to keep up to date with my (sporadic and sparse) writings.

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