[New Release] Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Bleeding Heart Pigeons are an exciting 3-piece band hailing from Limerick. They’ve been active for several years, though they first entered my radar when I witnessed them supporting iconic band Little Green Cars at their Live at St Luke’s show in 2018. I was immediately hooked and followed this by attending their own intimate headline show in Coughlan’s in 2019. I came away from that show happily clutching their 2016 double-LP debut album ‘Is’. Equipped with the knowledge and experience of over a decade slugging it out in the music scene, Bleeding Heart Pigeons are moving forwards into exciting new territory as an independent band in Limerick’s thriving independent scene, having parted ways from major label Virgin Records.

Stir + Real Connection

Entering this new independent chapter in their career, Bleeding Heart Pigeons announce the upcoming release of their sophomore album ‘Stir’, coming out May 22nd! DIY is the name of the game with this new record, which was recorded and self-produced in a converted farm shed in West Limerick. The album will release on the band’s own new imprint Hlym Records.

‘Stir’ distinctly sets itself apart from its predecessor ‘Is’ in the writing process; Whereas ‘Is’ was pieced together and written with the overall album in mind, ‘Stir’ has been more specifically crafted with a song-focused writing approach. “Each song is its own little world” the band reveal about the record.

Expanding upon what we can expect from the final product, they describe the album as follows “The LP sees the trio integrate their lush sonic sensibilities and existential lyrics with increasingly refined pop song-structures. Haunting vocal melodies, searing guitars, expansive synths and tight drum grooves are deftly woven into an enveloping tapestry of sound, while nuances reveal themselves with repeated listens.”

With this announcement also comes the immediate release of the lead single ‘Real Connection’ and accompanying music video. If this song is anything to judge by for what we can expect from ‘Stir’ then we are surely in for a right treat with this new album. This music video couldn’t have landed at a more fitting time with everything going on right now, as it delves into themes of isolation and ties in perfectly with the song’s desperate search for meaning and belonging. Pre-order ‘Stir’ now at the following link (Click me)

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