Few New Chewns #1

What’s good folks. I just put together a Spotify playlist featuring a bunch of recent releases that have been catching my eyes and ears in my feed, hopefully there’s a few in there that you find of interest! I want to take a moment to give further mention to a few of the tunes in particular and also draw your attention to a couple of upcoming releases. Please do check out the playlist below and feel free to hit my page on Facebook here with comments on who you’re enjoying from the list and maybe give the playlist an aul’ share!

Just before I crack into that I also want to draw your attention to this cool interview that Viking Promotions did with me for their series Creative Cabin Fever. We had a fantastic chat and a bunch of stories came up that have never been told elsewhere, give it a watch sure! Now without further ado, let’s get into the music

The Elation

I am super buzzing to see one of my favourite Cork bands The Elation have dropped a new single this week completely out of the blue! They’re some of the best lads going and I’ve been eagerly awaiting news from them for quite some time now. They sure have fired back in emphatic system with the absolute bop ‘Live a Life’ which especially right now serves as a reminder that tough as times may be, we still have to live our best possible lives and get through this all. The single comes with a vibrant music video featuring awesome colourscapes and talented dancers.

Dreaming Of Jupiter

Dublin outfit Dreaming of Jupiter are another band I’ve been really looking forward to more music from, and their new single Beyond a Vibe sure delivers on that. What can one say about this song that isn’t already perfectly captured within its very own title, DOJ once more deliver an absolute bop that you can pop on and jam away to effortlessly. It’s the perfect follow on from their Fading EP (The vinyl for which still gets plenty of spins in my room) and hopefully also the perfect precursor to much more awesomeness that they are waiting to deliver to us.

Tiz McNamara

I’ve already spoken quite a bit about Tiz McNamara and the powerful punch he packs in my recent coverage of his part in the Live at Home gig with Unemployable Promotions, particularly in my anticipation for this tune released on April 1st. April 1st has long been a poignant day marked by tragedy for Tiz that breaks my heart to even think about, as such I wont really get into the story of it as you can easily find that elsewhere. Every year Tiz marks the occasion with the release of a new song, none more so raw and powerful as his latest offering ‘April Fool’, a song he has long held onto to release at a time that felt right. Prepare your heart for all the feels and dive in.


In keeping with the theme of artists I have long anticipated new music from, there’s few more befitting than NIMF. NIMF was selected as one of my own Top 5 artists to watch going into 2018, and I continue to retain that she is an artist that is going to bring us some very wonderful things in the future. It’s been a long period of quiet behind the scenes between a focus on studies and developing her sound, but we’re now getting a peek into what’s more to come with recent release ‘Hey, There’s a Rainbow’. NIMF has been pushing more towards the Electronic and Production side of her music since we last saw her making her Electro-Fantasy tunes. NIMF seems to have this uncanny ability to strike you with her music on a deeper almost subconscious level, with this latest offering really feeling like it’s speaking to my soul. The tune feels very pertinent to the world right now and I can’t wait to see what else is coming down the line.


Ah my much beloved Rowan, I’ll always be grateful to Tiz McNamara for bringing them to my attention in 2017, they’ve been a cornerstone of my gig attendance ever since then, truly a wonderful bunch. Their latest offering ‘Big Wave’ is a super important message gift wrapped colourfully in an upbeat romper of a tune that grips you from the start and makes ya want to move like nothing else. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, as it touches heavily on the state of the world, the negative media and navigating life with that ever-present burden. Nonetheless it remains an empowering song of putting one foot in front of the other and getting through it all to a better end. Jeez, it really is the song we all need really badly right now.

JJ Lee

Ya can’t go anywhere in the Cork music scene without happening across the man of many talents, JJ Lee. From performing in just about every band you could think of, to his more recent developments as a Producer in the last year, he’s an integral piece of the bustling scene. Vocals on this ethereal tune come from the ever amazing Matthew Corrigan of Ghostking is Dead paired alongside Waterford poet Caoimhe Coleman, whose poem ‘Body Ship’ provides the core of the song. The collaborative effort with JJ’s musical vision at the helm results in a tune you really can just sit back and Sink into (I’ll see myself out now). With an EP in the works to come in better times, be sure to keep an eye out for JJ Lee in the months to come.

In The Willows

In The Willows have hit us with another of the more pertinent songs of our current time with new single ‘Talking To Myself’ (Same tho). It’s been a little while since the 6 piece band from Waterford and Kilkenny have graced us with any new music, but it sure has been worth the wait. Working under the Unemployable Promotions label, the band explosively emerge with a sound that is quite removed from their Folk origins towards a more pop production. The single comes with a music video that has been born in the light of the current period of isolation using video submissions from peoples day to day lives dealing with these strange times. It’s a powerful video and… I’m not crying, you are. I sure am excited to see where they go from here with further releases!

1000 Beasts

For those still unfamiliar, 1000 Beasts is the absolutely incredible Cork producer Cian, who is a man on a mission to collaborate with as many of the incredibly talented artists surrounding him as possible, or indeed the Beasts. His most recent offering ‘5 Points’, featuring Alex Tierney, is the 2nd single in a series of 6 leading towards a full EP release from 1000 Beasts. It’s a class dreamy tune that you can stick on and forget about things for a while, top marks to Cian and Alex on this one. That said I can’t leave this without saying… Cian or whoever is responsible, please revise your knowledge of tally marks. The artwork for this single is fantastic, courtesy of ‘Mr Coulstock’, but the use of too many lines on the tally to give a result of 6 for the artwork of 5 Points is giving me a headache. Other than that, keep on killing it!

David Keenan

Though his latest offering is not on Spotify and thus not in the playlist, I definitely need to give shouts to David Keenan right now on his beautiful ‘Isolation Tapes’. Released on Bandcamp, this 4 piece bedroom recorded EP is the perfect offering for our times to tide us over from David. David is one of my favourite musicians in the country, with his live shows being nothing short of pure magical gatherings. He carries an essence about him that is not of this era, and I’ll never tire of seeing him perform live. Most recently I embarked on a trip to Glasgow to see for myself how he is received outside the country after so many times seeing him in Ireland, and it was very much worth it. I had no idea at the time it’d be among the last of my gigs for a long time!  Go check out the Isolation Tapes down below, and also his debut album ‘A Beginners Guide to Bravery’ if you have not yet already done so.


Upcoming Releases


Now I want to focus on just a couple of the releases around the corner that I am looking forward to right now. First up is BBBlonde who will hit us this Wednesday with single ‘Honey’. BBBlonde is an upcoming new band in Cork fronted by Rachel Nolan. It’s the first release under the new moniker and the follow up to ‘Back Home’ originally released by Rachel last year. Hit the pre-save link for ‘Honey’ here and check out their previous track below.

Oscar Blue

Clare artist Oscar Blue will be releasing new single ‘Sober From You’ this Friday. Oscar had a landmark year in 2019 with hugely successful headline shows in Dublin and New York and a mainstage appearance at Indiependence Festival among his various activities for the year. Capping the year off with 2 million streams across his music on Spotify, Oscar has lately found himself working with Producer Philip Magee (The Script, Kodaline etc.) for a new chapter of his music. While Oscar’s manner of songwriting is deeply rooted in Folk music, he incorporates a wider range of genres as he drives towards a Pop-Rock sound, though maintaining his individuality and origins. I’ve had a sneaky listen to the new track ahead of time and I’m buzzing for its full release, it’s a surefire banger and if it’s any indication for what’s to come from Oscar down the line, he’s going to only be getting much bigger from here. Check out some of his previous tuneage down below and pre-save the new single at the link here.


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