Few New Chewns #2

Howdy do Percherino’s. I really enjoyed doing my piece Few New Chewns a week back and it was pretty well received so I’m gonna try and keep it up hopefully. If you haven’t already, please do check out my Spotify playlist of the same name and give it a follow, link below, where I’m continually adding the new music coming out from the artists I love as and when I come across them. It’s majority Irish but you’ll find a sprinkling of my international favourites also included! There’s a lot of amazing music coming out right now and especially today features quite an eclectic mix of awesome new releases, so I want to get into just a few of them now.


This week’s main featured band is Waterford’s 7Levels. I’ve been eagerly anticipating their debut release ‘Did You Ever Really Listen To Yourself?’ for a while and now it’s finally here! In what has been til now a very Dublin-centric Post-Punk revival movement in Ireland, 7Levels emerge as Waterford’s defiant answer to add their region’s voice into the mix. This 6 piece brings together an eclectic mix of influences, including the band’s own Ger Reid and Mike Fox of the recently discontinued band Chimpanbee. If the scene in Dublin is born from a response to Ireland’s social difficulties, so too are 7Levels inspired to passionately express their collective frustrations in a cocktail of pure and honest musical fury. Mark my words, it’s only gonna be up from here and I’m feeling very good about the limitless potential this band is going to have in the music scene. I look forward to keeping up with their progress, check out the music video below. Also I’m going to take this moment to petition to the band that when they’re big enough to have a hardcore loyal fanbase that if each member of the band is one of the ‘Levels’ then it’s only right that the fans are the 7th level and to call the inevitable fandom the Level Sevens. Think about it.


In the darkest places there is always light to be found, and in the midst of this Pandemic there is more truth to that than ever and it is especially prevalent in the form of the beautiful music that is being born of this moment. Enter Neo-Noir artist Moncrieff, if you don’t already know him you definitely will in times to come. He’s just released a demo song ‘In My Room’ created as a reaction to and commentary on this moment in time we are facing with unflinching honesty and relatability. In an incredibly kind and important gesture, 100 percent of the earnings for this single are being donated to ISPCC Childline who continue to be such an important service in this time. This release follows his EP from late last year called ‘The Early Hurts’. I had the pleasure of being introduced to his music and live performance as he supported Walking on Cars at the INEC in December, and I even stumbled upon the man himself the next morning on a train platform on the way home. There’s no doubt in my mind that Moncrieff is well on his way to establishing himself as one of the Irish music scenes most exciting acts around right now. As it were, he would’ve been underway in a tour of Ireland playing a bunch of amazing shows right now were it not for the current situation, so I eagerly await the moment when this missed opportunity can finally be lived. Follow this link to set a reminder for his new music video coming out on Monday, in the meantime listen to In My Room down below.

Fintan McKahey

Fintan McKahey is one of West Cork’s finest rising stars at the moment and continues to bound from strength to strength as he navigates his path in the music scene. Forever innovating with his sound, Fintan explores the addition of more electronic experimentation alongside his Psychedelic roots in new single ‘Platinum’. The song is an ode to magic and witchcraft in Ages gone by, though one can’t help but feel parallels running through the track to these very current times. This release follows the success of last years beautiful EP ‘God Games’ and again like most people releasing music right now, was intended to accompany a tour of live shows that sadly we will need to wait further to experience again. Thankfully, perhaps for his own sanity as much as to our collective benefit too, Fintan had spent much time engaged in the building of a personal studio in his own garden space in recent months and thus finds himself rather well equipped to tackle these times with much creativity. I’m always eagerly looking forward to what may come next! Check out the accompanying music video to the new song below.

Lisa Gorry

I’ve spent 99% of my time for over a month now within the walls of my bedroom and my days vary from good to bad as one would expect. Time has lost most of its sense of meaning and structure. The other day as I lay in bed deep into the afternoon, lacking in motivation and energy, I received in my inbox a link to the song ‘Down’ by Lisa Gorry. I hit play and just lay there absorbing the song into my being, with this the first I’d experienced the Kildare artists music. I was immediately struck by just how uncompromisingly raw and honest her sound was. Down is a beautiful and emotionally empowering song that honestly could not have come to me at a better time. It’s one of those songs that I think we all really needed a little bit right now. I’m certainly invested now in looking forward to an eventual EP release from Lisa and will be striving to witness the music unfold first hand at a live show down the line too. Give yourself a real moment to just sit and appreciate this song for a few minutes and hit play down below.


“Alt-Rock with Fiddle”. A simple tag line that does exactly what it says on the tin, and I daresay you’d struggle to find a line more catered to my specific attention if you tried. I am an absolute sucker for a modern band that incorporates the violin, it’s like a golden combo for me – Just ask Cork violinist Ryan Parsons about when The Band Anna was a thing (Yay obscure references!). So tick all my boxes and call me a new fan of 0stella (That’s with a zero folks for your searching purposes) cause when the new music video for Pandora crossed my attention this week, I was immediately hooked. 0Stella is Irish expat Liz Pomeroy who currently resides in Canada, and she intends to bring a tour back home to Ireland at some point when the world resumes spinning at its normal pace. Check out the music video below and if like me you’re as instantly intrigued then hop on over to Spotify here and listen to the full 4 track EP it originated from ‘Little Yes Little Know’ because they’re all certified bangers.


Look, I know I throw around the phrase ‘super excited about this act’ an awful lot but it’s only because there is just so damn many super talented artists around in this scene at every level and ya can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it all everywhere you look. So when I say Flynn is an artist I have been super duper excited about for a while now, please know I mean it with every fibre of my being because my god this man really is something else. Whether it’s at his incredible live shows last year where I witnessed him at Music Cork and Indiependence, or listening to his music online, he’s one of those artists that pulls you into their own exceptional orbit completely when you’ve found him. Flynn is wholly and unapologetically himself in every aspect of his music and his performances, with his lyrics and subject matters being open books into his very soul as he lets us into everything that he is. His new offering ‘One Of Us’ is a perfect example of this, delving deeply into what were darker times for the artist and the man. Check out the music video down below.


Emmo is another of the incredible offerings to the Irish music scene coming out of Cork in recent years, and his new single ‘Still’ is testament to this. Having first witnessed him supporting Stephanie Rainey at her home show in Glanmire nearly 2 years ago, I was immediately impressed. More recently I was able to take the trip up to Dublin in December to see him headlining Whelan’s upstairs in a show that really blew me away, he’s really come along so far. I was not able to make it to his gig in Winthrop Avenue in February as I was in fact back in Whelan’s again, but it was a resounding success with him selling out and having quite the epic show from what I’ve gathered. His shows will only be getting bigger from here (When, you know, shows are even possible again), and he has a wealth of incredible tunes at his disposal that shall hopefully be seeing the light of day in the not too distant future, so Still is but the tip of the ice berg of what we can expect.


Next up we have an electronic music entry from Wicklow producer Eoin Whitfield, who goes by the handle ‘EHCO‘. Releasing a new remix of the 2016 track ‘Bodies’ by Liza Flume, this is very much a revisitation to a remix that goes as far back as four years in Eoin’s electronic repertoire. In that time as EHCO he has built upon and developed his particular sound over the years, notable on such projects as his EP ‘Opia’ released last year which you can listen to here. With this well honed musical vision Eoin harks back to his beginnings by taking the first ever song he remixed and breathing new life into it, and you can listen to the results of that below now.

The Flavours

The Flavours have exploded onto the Cork music scene in the last couple of years, with their riveting live sets captivating many an audience in that time. Their success rate at getting a crowd up and moving is second to none, with their groovy and soulful tunes guaranteed to elicit bodily reactions. Their debut EP ‘Send It’ released last year and was very well received. They now follow it up with the new single ‘Cookie Crumbles’, which pays homage to reggae greats like Bob Marley while maintaining that very much unique ‘The Flavours’ flavour as it were. This comes ahead of their anticipated sophomore EP ‘(The) Love Life’ which I’m super looking forward to.

Jordan Run

Finally, we come back to Jordan Run, the Cork workhorse who is currently entering hyperdrive in providing us entertainment. Jordan Run was recently featured on a previous post of mine for his involvement with the Unemployable Promotions Live at Home gigs, which he smashed his part in. Since then he has released a single ‘Outcast’ a few weeks ago, and has already followed it up with another single released yesterday ‘Count My Blessings’, which has been one of my favourite songs from his gigs and I’m glad it is now out in the world. It’s the ultimate summer anthem to get you pumped and feeling good about the world. The hard work doesn’t stop there for Jordan Run, with a special live stream announced for May 1st to gather proceeds to go to Pieta House, you can find the event page for that here.

Facebook and Buy Me A Coffee?

That’s it for this blog post folks, sorry it took a little longer to put together than I intended. I don’t often remember to say this but if you enjoy my content please consider coming over to my page on Facebook and chuck it a like where you can keep up to date on posts like these and more, I enjoy making these blogs when I can and it’s even cooler when I know people are tuning in and engaging! Please also, if you’re a band/artist/musician of some kind, whether I’ve ever included you here or otherwise, I am always reachable and forever grateful whenever someone takes a moment to hit me up about a release that I might include it in my sporadic writings and would very much encourage and request you to do so. Facebook is bad enough at times for keeping even my favourite bands from having their posts appear on my feed and so it helps to stay on top of releases if ye reach out! I am and always will be a fan first when it comes to the music scene, hence why my writings are that of a fans perspective and nothing more.

If for some reason after reading my blogs you’re feeling especially supportive, I was recently recommended to set up a ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ page where you would be enabled to donate the price of a cup of coffee to me, so now that is something you can do if you really wish. It’s not something I’m really asking or insisting anyone to do but I suppose it’s nice to have the option open. Generally speaking every cent I ever earn goes back into supporting the music scene in some way, from gigs to merch and what have you. You can find that at the following link, and again, don’t feel obliged to do so. buymeacoff.ee/TMPBLOG

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